2021 Orff Levels at Nazareth College

Nazareth College hosted their first ever Orff-Schulwerk levels course this past July. This year Nazareth hosted Level which included basics, recorder and movement courses.

BethAnn Hepburn

Level 1 Basics Instructor

Karen Medley

Recorder and Movement Instructor

Pictured below are the Nazareth College Orff-Schulwerk 2021 Level 1 participants, instructors, administrator and coordinators.

Pictured (not in order): Sarah Dresnack-Radtke, Charity Gillotti, Nina Glodstein, Anthony LaPenna, Holly McClow, Nicole Perrine, Amanda Petrella-Christ, Taylor Santabarbara, Mariah Schrader, Kelly Snyder, Toby Young
Course Instructors: BethAnn Hepburn-Pedagogy, Karen Medley-Recorder and Movement
Course Administrator-Dr. Keith Koster
Course Coordinators: Al Heary & Kathy Sullivan

Nazareth College plans to offer Levels 1 & 2 in the summer of 2022, with the addition of Connie Van Engen, GRAOSA’s winter workshop presenter, as the Level 2 basics instructor!

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