GRAOSA Statement

As music educators, we are charged with teaching not just music and movement, but also respect and inclusion.  As such, GRAOSA recognizes and denounces actions that undermine this work.

GRAOSA denounces injustices imposed on any communities of color; and, particularly, we condemn the violence against Black communities in our country.  We reaffirm our commitment to supporting who we serve which include Black teachers, Black students, and Black families.  We believe Black Lives Matter.

GRAOSA condemns the systemic racial inequalities of our country as we evolve in our awareness of who GRAOSA is and what that represents. 

GRAOSA calls on our membership to support all the students we teach along with their families and their communities, inside and outside of the music classroom.

We pledge to reflect on our organizational practices in order in implement policies that dismantle injustice within our organization.  We will renew and invigorate our work in listening to the Black voices around us and within our ranks so that we will know and do better.

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