Celebrating 50 Years of Orff- Schulwerk ! GRAOSA-1970-2020

January 25- James DesJardins

March 7- Tim Wiegand

Last January, James DesJardin’s workshop was cancelled due to weather. We are thrilled to welcome him on January 25th! James will present “The Process-Driven Life”

“The Process-Driven Life: Engaging students in an active,purposeful musical environment.”

I believe in the power of great teaching, and in the power of great music. James DesJardins

This workshop promises that “Participants will experience an active journey through materials for general music class and chorus, focusing on engaging pedagogical process.”

The workshop will held from 9AM until 2PM on Saturday, January 25, at Crane Elementary School, 85 Shell Edge Drive, Henrietta NY 14623. Come early and enjoy a bagel or other breakfast treat!

A little bit about James: He teaches “nearby”- in Buffalo. He has been with the NYS public schools since 2006, is a prolific composer and has a great website, http://www.elementarymusicteacher.com. Check it out-it has some great freebies!

March 7 Tim Wiegand

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