Workshops for School Year 2018-19

Mark your calendars NOW for an extraordinary season of workshops sponsored by GRAOSA!

You won’t want to miss the excellent line-up of presenters, beginning with the very popular Mary Alice and  Peter Amidon. The Amidon’s workshops include traditional dance, music, and movement that are easily and very successfully adapted to the classroom. Since the Amidon’s are curtailing their very busy schedule, you will want to make a special effort to attend this workshop.

The fall/winter line-up:

September 22, 2018       Peter and Mary Alice Amidon

January 19, 2019           James DesJardins    …..James is an elementary music teacher in the Buffalo area, as well as a composer and ORFF clinician. Take a look at his website

March 2, 2019             BethAnn Hepburn….. BethAnn teaches 4-6 grade students in Ohio, as well as Orff training at several universities. She published Purposeful Pathways, Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom, Volumes 1 and 2

**All workshops  will be held at Crane Elementary School, 85 Shell Edge Drive, Henrietta NY 14623 

Driving Directions:

All workshops are from 9AM to 2PM. In-service credit(5 hours)  is available to all who sign in by 9AM and stay for the entire workshop. Come early (8:30) and enjoy bagels and more!



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